On Campus

Staying on campus during the IACAP 24 conference offers several advantages. Campus lodging is generally more affordable than nearby hotels, providing a budget-friendly option that also keeps you close to the conference activities. This proximity means less time commuting and more opportunities to engage with fellow attendees during social events and informal gatherings. Additionally, staying on campus fosters a sense of community, allowing for deeper networking and collaboration. For on-campus lodging options, please visit the conference registration page.

Practical information concerning UOregon on-campus accommodation can be found in this file.

Breakfast is provided to on-campus guests at 7:00 am. The location for on-campus guests’ breakfast is at [Carson Dining[(https://housing.uoregon.edu/summer-dining#:~:text=Carson%20Dining%20(June%2015%E2%80%93July,On%2C%20or%20meal%20plan%20points)].

Off campus

For those who prefer hotel accommodations, nearby options include the following:

Hotels next to campus


Hotels in Eugene Downtown/Central Area (roughly 30-minute walk to campus)